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Lagos or Abuja: Which is Better to Live in?

While this has been an on-going debate for years, the questions still persist till date. Which is better Lagos or Abuja… Continue Reading

7 Things to Know Before Relocating to Abuja

Thinking of relocating to Abuja ?  With Abuja steadily becoming the most sought after city in Nigeria next to Lagos, it… Continue Reading
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Exploring REITs in the Nigerian Market: Opportunities and Risks

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in Nigeria offer a unique and convenient way for investors to generate real income from real… Continue Reading
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The Ultimate Guide: How to Invest in Real Estate in Nigeria

If you’re just starting to invest in real estate in Nigeria, you’ll find out that you have a lot to learn. There… Continue Reading

A Closer Look at Some of the Flood Free Areas in Lekki

The raining season comes with a mix of good and bad tales for most Lagosians. Particularly,residents of Lekki and Eti-Osa… Continue Reading
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Flood-Prone Areas: Staying Alert in Lekki’s Rainy Season

One of the main challenges Lekki is faced with during the rainy season is flooding. This issue of flooding in… Continue Reading
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10 Best Estates on Lagos Mainland

Looking to buy or rent property on Lagos mainland? If you live in Lagos, you know that  the city is full of things… Continue Reading
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10 Things to Know Before Relocating to Lagos

Relocating to Lagos is a thought that has likely crossed the minds of many Nigerians at some point. Especially, people… Continue Reading

Corruption and Neglect: The Plight of Abandoned Projects in Nigeria

It is estimated that there are over 56,000 abandoned projects in Nigeria. According to a research, Since 1960, two-thirds of very large… Continue Reading
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Redefining Infrastructure: Exploring Nigeria’s Top Construction Companies

As a country known for its diverse culture and rich resources, Nigeria has witnessed remarkable growth and transformation over the… Continue Reading