Fence Calculator

Use this fence calculator to easily calculate the total number of blocks you need to fence your plot of land. Works for all size of land. You can use the tool for 50 x 100, 60 x 120, 100 x 100 , an acre , hectare or whatever the size of your plot is.

Fence Calculator

Fence Calculator

Calculate the number of blocks for your piece of land


How is it calculated?

Here’s how we arrived at our answer

Assuming there is no gate (which is very uncommon) and you need to fence the whole plot of land

We use the following formula:

Perimeter of the land (POL) = 2(Length  + breadth). Take note that the result is in feet.

To convert to inches we use the standard unit : 1 feet = 12 inch

Total size of land in inches (TSOL)  = POL x 12

To get the total number of blocks that will go round the plot : 1 block  = 18 inches

Number of blocks  = TSOL  รท 18

Now , to get the number of coaches (how tall you want the fence to be )

Bear in my that the 7 feet  = 9 coaches

The total number of blocks   = Number of blocks  x number of coaches

For the fence without gate , the only difference is

Perimeter of the land (POL) = 2(Length  + breadth) – 12

12 stands for the standard size of most gates which is 12ft

What if I don’t know the size of my land in feet ?

You can use the table below as guide

LandMeasurement in Feet
1 Plot50 x 100 or 60 x 120
1/2 Plot25 x 50 or 30 x 60
1 Acre66 x 660
1 Hectare 328 x 328

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