The Cost of House Rent in Lagos

There are several compelling reasons for anyone to consider relocating to Lagos. The economic capital of Nigeria and West Africa, Lagos, offers a multitude of opportunities, but the most common motivation is for job and business prospects. However, the harsh reality is that the cost of house rent in Lagos is no Joke, especially for … Read more

9 Best States to Serve in Nigeria

Best States to Serve in Nigeria

Graduating from a tertiary institution in Nigeria is no small feat and the national youth service corps also known as NYSC is an important part of the life of any Nigerian graduate. In this article you’ll learn about the best states to serve as a prospective corp member in Nigeria. Although this article looks at … Read more

7 Best Places to Live in Warri

Delta state, rich in oil resources, boasts several buzzing cities such as Sapele, Asaba, Agbor, and Abraka, but among them is the city of Warri. Notably, Warri takes the spotlight as one of the largest cities and the socioeconomic center of Delta State. With its oil-producing companies, marine industries, thriving commerce, and a flourishing real estate scene, it is no surprise … Read more

Best Places to Live in Asaba


Asaba, the capital of Delta state, is a fast growing city situated on the banks of the River Niger in Oshimili South Local Government Area. While its development brings opportunities, it also reflects in the cost of living.  Asaba is one of the cities that ranks high when considering where to live in Delta state. … Read more

7 Best Cities to Live in Delta State

Delta State, located in the oil-rich south-south region of Nigeria is one of the most popular states in Nigeria, and for a good reason too. The state was formed from the former Bendel State on August 27, 1991 and has witnessed tremendous growth since then. With a GDP of $15.3 billion in 2021, Delta State … Read more

7 Things to Know Before Relocating to Abuja

Thinking of relocating to Abuja ?  With Abuja steadily becoming the most sought after city in Nigeria next to Lagos, it is estimated that about 100 new people move into Abuja every day. While everyone is talking about Abuja, it is easy to get caught up in the euphoria without having the right information before moving to Abuja. … Read more

Settling in the Ancient City: A Guide to Relocating to Ibadan


Relocating to Ibadan is one thought most people living around the south western part of Nigeria have given a thought at least once. Most especially, tenants in Lagos. Ibadan has the reputation of being one of the cheapest cities to live in Nigeria. The cost of housing is by far the most inviting attribute of … Read more