Ibeju Lekki: The New Lagos

Ibeju Lekki is arguably one of the most talked about real estate destinations in Lagos. With major infrastructural projects such as the Lekki free trade zone, the lekki deep seaport among other projects all set for completion,  Ibeju-Lekki is set to establish itself as the new center for industrial and commercial activities in Lagos. The on-going development in the … Read more

O42: a name, a movement or a city ?

042 enugu

I’ve been a fan of phyno for some years now and I really enjoy his music quite well. Despite the fact that I don’t understand Igbo language or any of his lyrics, I still enjoy his songs.  What’s there not to like: fada fada,  Alobam,  financial woman and my personal favourite – so far so … Read more

Understanding Landlord rights in Nigeria

Landlord rights in Nigeria

In Nigeria, many landlords are totally ignorant of their rights. Except you run a charity home, having a tenant occupy your property for years without paying rent is an act of ignorance. Nigeria has established laws on property rights and protection. This law provides privileges for both landlord and tenant and also states the rights, powers, duties, privileges of … Read more

Understanding Your Rights: A Detailed Look at Tenancy Agreements

Nigerian tenancy agreement

The Nigerian tenancy law allows the tenant a tenancy agreement in  either written or oral  form. While  both forms are  allowed, in the Nigerian real estate space, the written agreement is usually the most preferred. The tenancy agreement is usually written in white and black which tends to put both landlord and tenant on the safe side … Read more

Quit Notice in Nigeria: Common Questions and Answers for Tenants and Landlords

quit notice

Quit notice or notice to quit, one of the most common terms in the Nigerian real estate space is issued to the tenant by either the Landlord or lawyer via a written document.This document usually applies to a tenant at will or  periodic tenant. What is a quit notice in Nigeria?  A quit notice in Nigeria is an … Read more

How to evict a Tenant in Nigeria – in 4 Easy Steps

How to evict a tenant in Nigeria

Evicting a tenant in Nigeria can be quite challenging and overwhelming for many landlords and agents. Sometimes, they may feel tempted to use self-help methods, which involves using force or other illegal means to remove a tenant from the property. These methods can include changing the locks without notice, removing the roof or hiring uniformed personnel to forcibly remove … Read more

Settling in the Ancient City: A Guide to Relocating to Ibadan


Relocating to Ibadan is one thought most people living around the south western part of Nigeria have given a thought at least once. Most especially, tenants in Lagos. Ibadan has the reputation of being one of the cheapest cities to live in Nigeria. The cost of housing is by far the most inviting attribute of … Read more