7 Best Places to Live in Warri

Delta state, rich in oil resources, boasts several buzzing cities such as Sapele, Asaba, Agbor, and Abraka, but among them is the city of Warri. Notably, Warri takes the spotlight as one of the largest cities and the socioeconomic center of Delta State. With its oil-producing companies, marine industries, thriving commerce, and a flourishing real estate scene, it is no surprise that Warri is a preffered location to both live and do business for most people. In this guide, we will take a closer look at  some of the best places to live in Warri.

Best places to live in Warri

When choosing the best place to live in Warri, it is always best to  consider your priorities. Which is more important to you? Is it security, amenities, or the cost  of rent ?This will help you to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

The cities in the article were selected based on security, serenity and the availability of social amenities within these areas. Like most places in Nigeria, most of the  “best places to live” are usually associated with a high cost  and this is due  to the areas being located in “estates,” where amenities such as security, electricity, and well-maintained roads are already in place.

Plantation City Estate

Situated in Otokutu off the Delta Steel Company Expressway, Plantation City Estate covers 120 hectares of land, divided into commercial and residential zones. With over 600 standing structures, of which more than 400 are occupied and the rest in varying stages of completion, this estate offers a diverse range of housing options. The estate has modern infrastructure, including well-paved roads with proper drainage,  human and digital security measures, digital access control for entry and exit, a green and sustainable environment,and uninterrupted 24-hour electricity from their Independent Power Plant (IPP). No matter the type of house you’re looking, you can find it in Plantation estate. The estate also has a C of O, for those looking to buy property here.

Idama Estate

Located in Edjeba, Idama Estate is  another good neighborhood in Warri. It has a serene environment, good road and  various building styles to suit different taste. Whether you want a duplex, bungalow or single room apartment ,  you can find them here. The only con about this area is that most of the buildings are old with only a few modern buildings. Security within the area is top-notch and it is also close to local businesses and markets  which adds to the convenience of living here.

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New Layout

Located along Jakpa Road, New Layout is a secure and relatively safe living environment in Warri. While the area may not be seen as an estate, it has modern facilities and essential amenities. The housing options here are also more affordable, which makes it an attractive choice for both renters and potential buyers.


Osubi, is located in Okpe Local Government Area. It  offers a small-town atmosphere with good living conditions. The area has many new buildings,  security, stable power supply, good roads and marketplaces. Osubi is home to the Osubi Airstrip which has reopened commercial flights for passangers travelling to Lagos and Abuja.

Chinkelly Area

Located close to Nigercat Construction Limited, Chinkelly Area is a standout choice for people looking for a good neighbourhood to live in Warri. The neighborhood has recently undergone renovations and new constructions, which has brought more life to the area. Security  and reliable power supply also make living  in Chinkelly comfortable and safe.

Brume Estate

Brume Estate provides a peaceful and balanced mix of social amenities for its residents. Prioritizing security and the serene surroundings, this estate guarantees that residents can enjoy living in a serene neighbourhood.

NPDC/NDW Housing Estate

Formerly known as Shell Estate, NPDC/NDW Housing Estate provides an array of top-grade facilities, from housing and schools to gyms and shopping centers. The estate offers 24-hour electricity and excellent security, making it one of the best places to live in Warri. Although the amenities are outstanding, it’s important to note that the cost of living here is relatively higher.

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