Lagos Vs Abuja : Which is better?

While this has been an on-going debate for years, the Lagos vs Abuja question still persists till date. Which is better lagos or Abuja ?  Abuja and Lagos which is better to live in? It is like the age long Messi/Ronaldo or Pele/Maradona debate. There are stats to prove which one is better and there are also individual bias based on preference. Lagos has had the reputation of being the land of dreams to many Nigerians in all geopolitical zones of the country. People relocate to Lagos daily with the hopes of better opportunities and the city doesn’t disappoint. Since Abuja became the federal capital territory in 1991, the city has seen tremendous growth till date. The city is now home to federal ministries, head offices of conglomerates, 5 star hotels and luxurious real estate.

Both cities compare in some ways given that Lagos was the former capital territory of Nigeria. They are both diverse with people of all tribes and religion settled in both cities. They are both land of opportunities to Nigerians, transportation can cost almost the same depending on location and feeding can also cost you almost the same in both cities (there’s food for everyone’s level).

However, to know which is better between Lagos and Abuja a lot of factors have to be put into consideration. Lagos is an emerging mega city, and like all mega cities around the world Lagos is highly populated. This high population comes with a lot of advantages and disadvantages. The high population can have a good impact on the economy while having a negative impact on security, infrastructure and maintenance of law and order. Abuja can be referred to as the city of beauty and serenity when compared to Lagos. The population is low, which also has its many advantages and disadvantages on economy, security and maintenance of law and order.

 A young entrepreneur looking to start a business will find Lagos as the place to be compared to Abuja. The Lagos dream, tech hubs and affordable housing in certain areas of the city makes it the top choice for young entrepreneurs in the country.  Abuja on the other end provides a serene environment and “rich customer base” for business. Although Abuja has a number of privately owned companies, it is most regarded as a “government city” The reputation of Abuja being a government city where all “businesses are owned by the government” makes young Job seekers flock to Lagos for Job opportunities.

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Lagos Vs Abuja – Economy

Lagos has the biggest economy in west Africa and can also stand side by side with most countries in Africa. This has made small, medium and large scale enterprises set up base in Lagos. Lagos is now a land filled with Job and investment opportunities.

Lagos Vs Abuja – Cost of living

 when you compare the cost of living in Lagos to Abuja, You’ll find out that Lagos is relatively cheap compared to living in Abuja. There’s a saying that you’ll always find your level in Lagos and this is true. From feeding to transportation and even accommodation, you’ll find something that fits your budget. Abuja, when compared to Lagos is very expensive. The cost of accommodation alone is enough to discourage anyone from moving to Abuja.

Lagos Vs Abuja – Security

Abuja is the seat of government, so it’ll come as no surprise that Abuja is safer when compared to living in Lagos. The presence of security personnel all around the city with regular patrol activities makes the city a safe haven for commercial and residential purposes. In Lagos, even the “estates” are not left out of the menace of kidnappings, NURTW fights and activities of cult groups like awawa boys  and the one million boys.

Lagos Vs Abuja – People

 the people tend to be more laid back and “well packaged” when compared to the city of Lagos. This can be attributed to the fact that Abuja has people from different ethnic background living in the city. You might say “ekaaro” to your neighbour and get “ina kwana” as your reply. In Lagos, people are more social, open and this behaviour is very contagious.

Lagos Vs Abuja – Infrastructure

 unlike Lagos, Abuja is well planned city. It was deliberately built to serve as the federal capital territory. Under the administration of El rufai, most buildings that weren’t built according to the city’s standard were demolished. Abuja has better road networks, drainages, safer roads and more roads linking various parts of the city. The activities of Omo onile, corrupt town planning officials has seen Lagos constantly plagued with building collapse, poor drainage system and bad roads 

Lagos Vs Abuja – Serenity

with a population of over 15 million people and more people trooping in daily, the word serenity and Lagos do not mix. Lagos is the city that doesn’t sleep and there’s a reason for that. The daily hustle and rush to beat traffic makes Lagos the stress capital of Nigeria. Abuja is relatively quiet, beautiful and serene when compared to Lagos and her high population.

Lagos Vs Abuja – Quality of Life

the level of pollution and infrastructural decay makes living in Lagos stressful. A journey of less than 30minutues can take up to three hours in Lagos traffic. Street are highly congested and an apartment meant to accommodate maximum of 6 people can have as high as 10 – 15 inhabitants. This in turn has a negative effect on the environment and affects the quality of life. In Abuja , the city is orderly as buildings are built in strict adherence to town planning laws. Also, the roads are large enough to accommodate residents in the city which makes driving stress free all through the city.

 Lagos Vs Abuja -Entertainment

Lagos is no doubt the centre of entertainment in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. The biggest film, music and television studios are located in Lagos. This is why the biggest stars in the Nigerian music and television scene reside in Lagos. The night life is also second to none. Club Quliox which is known as the best night club is located Lagos. Other clubs owned by celebrities like Jay Okocha, D’bbanj , Tuface among others are all located on Lagos Island and mainland.


Abuja is serene, well laid out with good roads and less people while Lagos is a bustling city with more people, a robust economy and great night life. The decision to live in either of these cities will depend on your personality, line of work or business. Someone with a reserved or introverted personality will enjoy the quietness and serenity of Abuja. Lagos on the other end is referred to as the city that never sleeps, there are people moving out and moving in constantly at any time day. It is the land of hustle and bustle with unending traffic Jams.

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