Flood-Prone Areas: Staying Alert in Lekki’s Rainy Season

One of the main challenges Lekki is faced with during the rainy season is flooding. This issue of flooding in Lagos, especially on the Island and areas in Eti-Osa local government area of Lagos has made it difficult for most people looking to settle and acquire landed properties within the area. These flood prone areas in Lekki can get so bad that some residents of the area temporarily relocate during the rainy season.

The major factor contributing to the flooding in lekki is the the topography of the island which is  slightly above sea level and its proximity to the atlantic ocean.Another contributing factor is the poor drainage systems within the Lekki axis which contributes a great deal to flooding in this area. Lastly, heavy rainfall contributes to flood even in areas not prone to flooding in Lekki.

 Below is a list of the most flood prone areas in Lekki


Agungi is one of the areas that gets  flooded during the raining seaon. Agungi which has become a home to some of the most affluent residents of Lagos and a choice location for real estate developers has gotten a bed reputation for its flood prone areas. The gated residents, central roads and streets are not left out. The rainy season is usually a sad tale in Agungi. One of the major factors contributing to flooding in this area is insufficient drainage  channels and lack of adequate maintenance of the few available drainages.

Ikate (Elegushi)

Sadly, Elegushi which is one of the most affluent areas in Lagos Island makes it to this list. The proximity to the elegushi beach makes this area very prone to flood and even some areas in Ikate stay wet all year long.

flood prone areas in Lekki

Chevy View Estate

Another flood prone area in Lekki is the chevy view estate.  One would expect that chevy view estate and other parts of chevron drive would be exempted from flooding, but that’s not the case. In the peak of the rainy season, these areas experience a great deal of flood. But, the good news is, most of the buildings are propped so that water doesn’t get into the compounds and only the streets gets flooded.

flood in Chevy View

Ikota Villa

Flood in Ikota villa can be attributed to the density of the lands which has the capacity to retain water and lack of drainage channels. Another contributing factor is its proximity to the canal. All these contribute to Ikota Villa being a flood prone area. During the rainy season, most residents of this are usually left with no choice than to relocate temporarily till the rainy season is over.

ikota flood

Ocean Bay

Ocean bay is a beautiful and serene area with well-planned real estate. However, ocean bay experiences a terrible amount of flooding when there’s a heavy downpour.

This can be attributed to some parts of the estate land being waterlogged and clogging of the drainage canals which results in poor flow of water.

Ajah (Ado/Badore)

During the disastrous Lekki flood of 2019, areas in Ajah experienced the most impact of the flood. Like most parts of lekki prone to flooding, poor drainage system is a major factor coupled with its location beside a water body which rises in massive downpour and floods the whole area.

Buena Vista Estate

Similar to Ocean bay in beauty, Buena vista also shares similar “flooding attributes”.  Unlike other areas listed above, the only contributing factor to flooding in buena vista estate is its low grounds. This causes the drainage channels to get filled up during heavy downpour leading to flooding of the area.

Monastery Road, Sangotedo

This well interlocked area with covered drainages is another flood prone area in the Ajah axis. Monastery Road, Sangotedo is located right beside the sea which overflows its banks during heavy torrents.

Westend Estate

Located within Ikota villa, westend estate shares the same flooding problems with Ikota Villa

It is very important to be cautious of acquiring properties in areas that consistently floods, even after average rainfall.

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