Navigating Nigeria’s Property Jungle:How Real Estate Agents Make the Difference

Real estate agents play a vital role in the Nigerian property market, but unfortunately, they are often not appreciatedĀ and misunderstood. Many people believe that real estate agents are just out to make easy money and that their commissions are unjustifiably high. However, in reality, real estate agents offer numerous benefits that can make the process … Read more

Navigating the Omo Onile Issue: 4 Effective Strategies for Land Buyers

Omo onile is a popular term across south western Nigeria especially for land owners in Lagos. The love-hate relationship between the land grabbers popularly referred to as omo onile has been ongoing for decades. While they are notoriously popular in  Lagos state,  some cities in the South Western Nigerian are also  experiencing the menace of these miscreants.  These … Read more