9 Best States to Serve in Nigeria

Graduating from a tertiary institution in Nigeria is no small feat and the national youth service corps also known as NYSC is an important part of the life of any Nigerian graduate. In this article you’ll learn about the best states to serve as a prospective corp member in Nigeria. Although this article looks at the best states to serve from a real estate perspective, there are also other important factors put into consideration.

Key factors for choosing the best states to serve in Nigeria


This is by far the most important factor to be considered when choosing the state for NYSC. It is a no-brainer to avoid states with porous security. Especially with the recent activities of bandits and kidnappers.

Cost of living

 With the monthly allowance of ₦33,000, it is important to consider the general cost of living before choosing where to serve. However, in states with high business/job opportunities, you could look for a low cost area to live.


Although there are opportunities in every state, some states generally have more opportunities than others. For example, Lagos, where most industries, small businesses, and startups are located, offers more opportunities than Jigawa or Benue states, despite the lower cost of living in the latter two

Distance from Home

There’s no place like home, although many argue that home is wherever you make your daily bread. The cultural shock for most people who serve far away from home is usually overwhelming. This is why most prefer to serve close to their home state. For example, a prospective corp member living in Ibadan might choose to serve in Lagos or Ogun state.

State Government stipend

 Some states pay corp members between ₦5000 – ₦10,000 monthly in addition to the federal government’s monthly allowance. This can be an incentive to prospective corp members.

The best states to serve in Nigeria

Oyo State

Located in the south western part of Nigeria, Oyo state is one of the best states to serve in Nigeria. You’ll enjoy your stay right from the three weeks orientation at the Iseyin camp which is one of the best NYSC camps in the country. The people of Oyo state are highly hospitable and love corp members especially those in the development areas.

The state is generally peaceful and the cost of living, accommodation, transportation and feeding is affordable. The only major drawback is that most corp members posted to serve in the state are either in the state ministry or serving in school as teachers.

Ring road ibadan
Ring road, Ibadan

Anambra State

This southern eastern state is one of the most prosperous state in the region, it houses some of the largest markets in the country and home to many indigenous businesses. Just like Oyo state, accommodation, transportation and food are affordable and the state government also pays monthly allowance of ₦9000 to her corpers if your serve in any government owned establishments.

You can serve in any of the major towns like Akwa or Nnewi if you’re not used to the fast life and ‘hustle and bustle’ of Onitsha. You’re more likely to get posted to schools but if you’re business oriented, the state is filled with so many opportunities. Ensure to learn the language and stay off the married women/men in the state.

Ogun State

Ogun State is home to most of the private tertiary institutions in the country. It also houses manufacturing and production companies in the country. The state also has a growing real estate industry and bubbling Night life. For any prospective corp member who wants to enjoy some of the perks of living in Lagos but at a reduced cost, Ogun state is your answer.

Cost of living is affordable, there are street foods at every corner, transportation is cheap and the state’s security is tight .There are several job opportunities especially for anyone who isn’t afraid to get their feet wet. Ogun State Government pays ₦5,000 to corp members monthly.

Delta State

Another Great location for prospective NYSC members is Delta state. The state is located in the sout-south region and is home to the larges oil companies in the country.
The great cities like warri and Asaba that offers a wide range of opportunities to corp members during and after service.The Delta state government pays corp members ₦5,000 monthly.


Nasarawa State

Nasarawa is also one of the best states for NYSC. Nasarawa provides some opportunities due to its closeness to the federal capital territory,  Just like ogun state due to its proximity to Lagos. The state is peaceful and offers low cost of living. Many people working in Abuja live in all the neighbouring towns in Nasarawa such as Karu, Maraba, Masaka and Keffi. The Nasarawa state government pays a monthly stipend of ₦5,000 which you’ll get after a few months and the rest some weeks to your passing out parade.

Rivers State

Rivers state is home to the beautiful city of Port-harcout which houses some the biggest oil companies in the country. In addition to Port Harcourt, the state also has other well developed cities and local government areas.

Depending on where you get posted for your primary assignment, cost of living in some parts of the state is affordable. The cost of living, housing, and transportation and security in the state depends on the area you’ll be staying.

Rivers State Government stopped paying corp members serving with state-owned institutions, schools and ministries but the state is filled with lots of opportunities, especially for graduates in the petroleum, chemical and engineering field.

best areas to live in Port harcourt
Port Harcourt, Rivers

Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom is arguably, the fastest developing state in Nigeria. With excellent infrastructures and community development in the state, it’s no surprise that many corp members choose to stay back after their service. The low crime rate, low cost of housing and transportation plus a bubbling night life are one of the factors that makes Akwa Ibom state one of the best states for NYSC. The  Government  of Akwa Ibom pays corpers ₦5,000 monthly.

Abuja, FCT

Although, technically not a state, the Federal capital territory is one of the best places to serve in Nigeria. Abuja has good road network, stable electricity and amazing security. There are also several business and job opportunities in NGOs, government ministries and private firms.

Although the cost of living, housing and transportation is  high especially for those with no additional support, Abuja has one of the cheapest food markets in the country  and accommodation can be cheap if you don’t mind living in the suburbs and satellite towns.A major drawback is that Abuja doesn’t pay corp members, but many corp members have a unlimited opportunities from private firms.


Lagos State

Lagos is undoubtedly the best state for NYSC. The country’s commercial capital, largest economy in west Africa and fifth largest in Africa is home to the biggest companies, start-ups, real estate, retail outlets, research institution in the country.

Living in Lagos isn’t for the faint hearted especially if you live on a paltry ₦33,000 per month allowance. The cost of living is on the high side, accommodation is expensive, commercial transportation is a head ache and even the general way of life is hectic.

The only compensation for this high cost of living is that Lagos offers considerably higher job opportunities when compared to other states on this list, and this is major attraction for many corp members. Lagos State Government pays corps members in state ministries the sum of ₦10,000 monthly while Corp Members in Local Government offices don’t get paid. And if you’re lucky enough to get posted to areas like Lekki, the private firms monthly pay range is between ₦20,000 – ₦50,000 monthly.

Lagos Island

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