7 Best Places to Live in Lagos (if You Work  on The Island)

With the current unemployment rate predicted to reach to 41% by the end of 2023, It’s no surprise that many Nigerians are doing all they can to keep their jobs, even if it means commuting long distances daily.While many Nigerians are resorting to remote jobs, entrepreneurship and other means of livelihood, millions are still working 9-to-5 jobs. Given that Lagos Island is a bustling hub of commercial activities, a significant number of Lagos residents who live outside the island area work there. In this guide we’ll take a closer look at the best places to live in Lagos if you work on the Island considering factors like distance, security, and cost.

Best Places to Live in Lagos


Gbagada is a prominent vantage point ,located between the areas of Kosofe and Shomolu. It is mainly a residential neighborhood with popular areas such as Ifako, New Garage, and Diya Street.

The best thing about Gbagada is where it is located. Easy access to the third Mainland bridge provides easy access to the Island, and the Oworonshoki-Oshodi Expressway links Gbagba to the mainland via Ikorodu road and Agege motor road. For anyone working on the Island, Gbagada should be top on your list. While rents for both old and new tenants are sky rocketing, there are still many relatively affordable areas here. You can find 3 bedroom flat for rent in Gbagada, mini flats or self contain, duplex and any other type of house .The roads are smooth, traffic is manageable, and the power supply is reliable. The peaceful and clean environment also adds to its appeal.


Yaba is no doubt one of the best option for anyone working on the Island.Living in Yaba keeps you close to Victoria Island, Ikoyi, and Lekki, reducing transportation expenses and the stress of heavy traffic. This area is also a growing technology hub, with notable financial institutions, educational institutions and  technology startup companies. A visit by Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg in 2019 further cemented Yaba as Nigeria’s tech hub. Crime rate in most parts of Yaba is low. Perhaps the heavy presence of security details around the place deters criminals or could be that the ever busy nature of the place appears to inconvenience criminals.  The only issue with Yaba is the high cost of property and general agent/tenant issues


Ajah still remains one of the fastest growing areas in Lagos. Even though Lekki seems to be the centre of attraction, Ajah is fast becoming a huge centre of attraction in its own light. Ajah is located in the same local government(Eti-Osa)  as other places on the Island  and is  therefore closer to these area.  You can get accommodation in areas like Langbasa, Sangotedo, Badore, Okeira  and other areas that have Steady Power supply. Ajah has fairly good road network, serenity and security. However, there are some cons to living in Ajah which include –  Some parts of Ajah are prone to flooding during wet seasons,the cost of renting an apartment in Ajah is quite on the high side and  also include service feess after rent is Paid. Lastly, traffic is a big issue in Ajah. A commute that shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes , may take you more than an hour.There is always heavy traffic at Lekki phase1 and Jakande. People living around Agungi and NICON town spend over 1 hour driving to and fro during the week and no-one in Ajah is doing it faster. The only plus is that you can enjoy a 30 mins commute from Ajah to VI during Sunday evenings 🙂


Surulere is one of the most popular areas on Lagos mainland known for its crowded setting and regarded as one of the busiest places in Lagos. It connects the  mainland with Lagos Island. Basically, Surulere serves as a mid-point between the island and mainland and living there makes you have easy access to both areas.  Surulere is diverse with people of different ethic groups and religious backgrounds. Here you have the young and old, Politicians, struggling artistes, young families, students, Igbo people, Hausa natives – you name it, they all live here and they all love it. It is very easy to fit into the different neighborhoods without fear of segregation or any form of culture shock.  However, since Surulere serves as a midpoint between the Island and the mainland, It can be a bit expense to get an accommodation here and traffic is also a big concern.

Ebute Metta

Another good area for someone who works on the Island is Ebute Metta. It is neighborhood that  derived its name from the Yoruba language which means  “the three harbours,” which historically referred to Iddo, Otto, and Oyingbo. During the colonial era, Ebute Metta emerged as one of the initial developed areas in Lagos, and this is evident from the concentration of significant structures constructed during that time.

Ebute Metta serves as a pivotal pathway that connects  Lagos mainland to the prominent sections of Lagos Island. As you drive through the Iddo peninsula, you’ll encounter a notable network of flyovers and access roads that seamlessly link these distinct parts of Lagos.You can get a mini flat or selfcon in Ebute Metta or whatever your taste is.


Oworonshoki is a densely populated residential neighborhood. The layout of the area is fairly average, with decent accessibility. The main road leading into Oworonshoki is Diya Street from Ifako Gbagada.

Oworo, as it is popularly called,  could almost be thought of as an island because it is surrounded by the Lagos Lagoon. Many people in Lagos see Oworo as the center of the state because of its strategic position that makes it easy to reach the Mainland and Island parts of Lagos through the Third Mainland Bridge. 


A less popular option is Ikorodu – If you do not have a phobia for water. You can rent a two bedrrom flat in Ikorodu (somewhere close to the jetty) and take the speed boat/ferry everyday.

Yaba, Surulere,Gbagada are the closest places on mainland with 1hour to 3 hours daily commute . Which also depends on if you drive, use the BRT or wake up early.

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