Galadimawa – Neighbourhood Guide


 Galadimawa is located  in  Phase 3 district of Abuja which is fast becoming popular for those looking to live in Abuja. If you’re considering moving to Abuja and seeking a relatively  affordable place to live , then Galadimawa should be on your list.This guide will take you through everything you need to know about this district, from its property market to the hangout spots in … Read more

Guzape – Neighbourhood Guide


Guzape, mostly referred to as Asokoro extension, is a fast  growing district located in Phase 1 of Abuja Municipality. Although the district is usually regarded as a middle-income area,  it is fast becoming a high-brow district like Asokoro, Maitama, Wuse, and Garki due to recent real estate developments in the area.One of the main appeal of Guzape is the terrain, … Read more

Wuse – Neighbourhood Guide

Wuse is a prime district located in Phase 1 of FCT Abuja Municipality. Wuse is divided into two, Wuse 1 and Wuse 2, which is further divided into seven distinct sub-regions called “zone”. The area  is well known for its high class neighbourhoods, highly rated star hotels, shopping malls, and ever busy markets. Notable landmarks in this district include Abuja Continental Hotel, City park, … Read more

Maitama – Neighbourhood Guide

Maitama is a serene and affluent neighborhood in Abuja. This highly sought-after district is synonymous with wealth, having some of the most expensive homes in the city (next to Asokoro). Maitama houses major landmarks includingTranscorp Hilton, Abuja Continental Hotel, Ministers’ hill, Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), British Council, Independent National Electoral Commission, Millennium Park, Nigerian National Merit … Read more

6 Best Places to Live in Abuja

When looking at the Abuja real estate market, one cannot help but note the beauty that distinguishes this Nigerian city. With high living costs and a lifestyle that caters to  both the rich and different socioeconomic classes,  Abuja should be on your list if you’re thinking about investing in real estate. Abuja’s is 2nd most expensive city … Read more

The Cost of House Rent in Lagos

There are several compelling reasons for anyone to consider relocating to Lagos. The economic capital of Nigeria and West Africa, Lagos, offers a multitude of opportunities, but the most common motivation is for job and business prospects. However, the harsh reality is that the cost of house rent in Lagos is no Joke, especially for … Read more

All You Need to Know About Lekki Conservation Centre

lekki conservation centre

The Lekki conservation centre is one of the most popular and most visited nature reserves in Nigeria. It was established in 1990 by the Nigerian conservation foundation to protect biodiversity and promote environmental conservation. LCC (as it’s fondly called) has grown into a household name as one of Africa’s prominent nature parks. It is covers … Read more

9 Best States to Serve in Nigeria

Best States to Serve in Nigeria

Graduating from a tertiary institution in Nigeria is no small feat and the national youth service corps also known as NYSC is an important part of the life of any Nigerian graduate. In this article you’ll learn about the best states to serve as a prospective corp member in Nigeria. Although this article looks at … Read more