Best Places to Live in Asaba

Asaba, the capital of Delta state, is a fast growing city situated on the banks of the River Niger in Oshimili South Local Government Area. While its development brings opportunities, it also reflects in the cost of living.  Asaba is one of the cities that ranks high when considering where to live in Delta state. Like any other state in the country, safety, security and accessible social amenities are all important factors when deciding where to live. The good news is that Delta state is considered to be relatively safe and secure. There are, however, some areas with a higher crime rate than others, just like in any other city.

In this guide, we’ll look at the best places to live in Asaba, considering essential factors like social amenities, standard of living and affordability.


If you’re in search of comfort and ease, the Government Reserved Area (GRA) in Asaba should be top on your list. While living here might require a bit more from your wallet, the social amenities enjoyed by the people living here are hard to ignore. Smooth roads, reliable power supply, and essential services that enhance your daily life. Plus, the central location ensures easy access to other areas of Asaba. The area is generally regarded as an area for the elites. Cost of rent in this area range from around ₦700,000 to ₦3,000,000 naira for a 2/3 bedroom flat depending on your taste. ₦300,000 naira for a single self-contained room, and about ₦400,000 naira for a room and parlor self-contained (1 bedroom).


For a blend of amenities and accessibility, Look no further than the Okpanam Area. Here, you’ll find the right mix of social amenities and a good location for easy movement around the city. However, like other prime locations, the cost of living might stretch your budget a bit. Rent for a self-contained room ranges between ₦250,000 to ₦300,000, while a flat could range from ₦500,000 to ₦1,000,000. If a room and parlour self-contained is more your style, plan for around ₦300,000 to ₦400,000.

Ibusa Road

Ibusa Road offers a serene living environment that still keeps you connected to various parts of Asaba. Serenity and accessibility go hand in hand here, making it one of the best places to live in Asaba. If you’re interested in living along Ibusa Road, a self-contained room rental might cost you around  ₦200,000 naira. A 2/3 bedroom flat might require a budget of ₦450,000 to 600,000 naira, while a room and parlour self-contained could range from ₦300,000 naira.

Asaba Housing Estate

For an exclusive and comfortable living experience, Asaba Housing Estate is an option to consider. The area comes with top-notch amenities that elevate your lifestyle. But, be prepared to pay the premium cost. Rent in Asaba Housing estate can be compared to GRA Area. You’ll need a budget of approximately ₦300,000 naira or more for a self-contained room. A 2/3bedroom flat rental could range around ₦800,000 depending on your taste,  while a room and parlour self-contained can cost you ₦400,000 to ₦500,000.

Ekumeku Layout

Ekumeku is within the range of Asaba Housing Estate. It offers a blend of affordability and social amenities. While it is not as exclusive as Asaba Housing estate, it provides a comfortable living space and the social amenities are commendable. Its strategic location adds to its appeal. Renting here involves budgets similar to those for Asaba Housing Estate, but you can still get houses that cost way less.

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