Difference Between a Mini Flat and Self Contained Apartment

In Nigeria, mini flats and self-contained apartments are two popular types of  housing that serve the needs of first time renters and small households. While the two are used interchangeably by renters, there are still differences between them. It is important  to understand these little differences  to make a better  decision when looking for a new place to call home.

In simple terms, a self contained apartment  is a single room that has everything in it– a bathroom, toilet, and sometimes even a kitchen, all in one place . On the other hand, a mini-flat  consists of  a separate bedroom , a sitting room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet. A mini-flat  is simply a  “room and parlour” with the facilities in it.

Self Contained

A self-contained apartment, sometimes referred to as a studio flat ,  self-con or self catering flat in other parts of the world, is a single room that contains all essential facilities such as a toilet, bathroom, and possibly a kitchen. Essentially, this room operates independently, providing residents with all they need within a single space.

self con plan

 This type of apartment is mostly popular among people love their personal space and  detest sharing facilities with other tenants.

Self-contained apartments are a big upgrade to face me I face you houses in Nigeria. For anyone looking to avoid the quarrels, gossip and general drama that comes with living in this type of house, self contained apartment is your best option.

 Self contained apartments are popular among university students who live off-campus, working class single ladies and bachelors who live away from their  family.

You can find self contain in Lagos, Ibadan, Port-Harcourt and all major cities across Nigeria.


 A mini flat can best be described as an “upgraded room and parlour”. A mini flat is made up of a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a toilet – all within the same apartment. This setup is no different from a “room and parlour” setting, with the only difference being the added facilities in the apartment.

Difference Between a Mini Flat and Self Contained Apartment

A mini flat is a much better option to a  self contained apartment for anyone who can afford it. Mini flats are popular among new couples, first time renters in a new city and your business professionals. You can find Mini flats in Abuja, Lekki and every big city in the country.

Which should I go for ?

To determine which to go for between a self contained apartment and a mini flat, there are two factors to consider – budget and lifestyle. Self-contained apartments usually cost less. A Mini flat is usually more pricey than a self contained apartment and the price difference could go for as much as ₦50,000 – ₦150,000. Why? Well, mini flats have more space, like that extra room and more facilities. Your budget plays a big role in which one you pick. So, keep your wallet in mind when you’re deciding.

Regarding how your everyday life fits into the picture. If you like having your own space and don’t want to share much, or you don’t have much friends or people who regularly pay you a visit , a self-contained apartment is for you. It’s like your own little world. But if you’re someone who wants a bit more room to move around – maybe you’re a couple or you just like extra space – then a mini flat could be your thing. Your lifestyle, what you like and how you live, is what will guide you to the right choice between these two options.

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