Akobo Ibadan: All you need to know

Akobo has earned its reputation as one of the most sort after locations for anyone looking to own property in Ibadan. The security, serenity and most importantly steady electricity are one of main reasons people are flocking into Akobo Ibadan.

Any kind of property you’re looking for, you’ll surely find it here. You’ll find available miniflat / self-contain rooms for rent, 2 bedroom homes for rent or sale, 3 bedroom homes for sale  or rent, duplex for sale and uncompleted buildings for sale in Akobo.

Where is Akobo in Ibadan?

Akobo is located in Ibadan north local government area. Akobo ranges from part of general gas to the extreme end of Olorunda-Aba. This area consists of several small to medium sized communities with their own distinct feel to the area’s culture.

For example, areas like Abake estate and Kolapo Ishola estate are well known for their unique quietness, serenity and that “estate feel” In these areas, it’s more of a “mind your business” kind of setting where residents strictly mind their own business and only speak when spoken to.

 Areas like Ojurin and Olorunda-aba have much more “community feel” compared to Abake and Ishola estates. In these areas, residents know each other very well. They attend community gatherings, meet at the nearby marketplace and some even attend the same churches and mosques. The level of interaction and relationship can be attributed to the setting of the area; most of these areas took a while for them to develop so every neighbour has to know each other. Hence, there isn’t a restriction on interaction in the community.

These communities features affordable living for families just getting started as well as much higher priced dream homes with many duplexes for sale in Akobo.

Apart from affordable living, Akobo also offers endless activities and entertainment. There’s the Akobo mall, Foodco mall and Ace supermarket for the family needs and entertainment. Boutique style shopping and highly rated restaurants. For the night life, there are clubs and numerous bars all the way from general gas down to Olorunda-Aba.

Estates in Akobo

  • Abake Estate
  • Kolapo Ishola Estate
  • Oke Ibadan Estate (popularly called Akala Estate)
  • Wisdom Estate along Olorunda road
  • Carlton Gate Estate

Schools in Akobo

Public schools in Akobo are overseen by the state universal basic education board (SUBEB), and there are both primary and secondary public schools in Akobo. There are also several highly rated private schools, including Nickdel College, Ronk New Age, Living stone college, Adesina College, Command day secondary school, King of Kings College and Oritamefa Baptist model school Akobo.

Security in Akobo

There’s also a large presence of military operation in some areas in Akobo, and thus many of the families residing in that area are either family member or employed by the military. The largest is the Adekunle Fajuyi Odogbo Cantonment, where you will find the Nigerian army base , the other military based is at Abake Estate where you’ll find the Nigerian Airforce. The presence of the Military in Akobo makes the area relatively safe compared to other areas in Ibadan. Other residents of Akobo are employed in sectors like retail, civil service, education and healthcare.

Electricity in Akobo

Akobo is one of the areas in Ibadan that enjoys constant power supply. You’re guaranteed minimum of 12 – 18 hours depending on where you live. Some of the areas are connected to the Adekunle Fajuyi Odogbo Cantonment’s power source which makes electricity very stable in those areas. Others are connected to the Nigerian brewery’s power source, the distribution and connection to these power sources makes power supply very stable in Akobo.

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