Akala Estate, Akobo – Neigbourhood Guide

Akala estate Akobo, one of the most sort after real estate locations in Akobo and Ibadan at large. The area stretches from Akala junction in Akobo to the end of Tesmore filling station along kute road.

Akala estate is generally regarded as an affluent area due to the type of houses in the area and the caliber of people living in the area. From the entrance to the end of the estate , You’ll find duplexes of different sizes , mordern bangalows and even mansions.

Although the original name of the area is Oke ‘badan estate, the name “Akala estate” stuck when the former Governor of  Oyo state, Otunba Adebayo Alao Akala, commissioned the road that linked Akobo to Wofun,  the road was named “ Alao Akala way” which has stuck since then. Although, the road’s present condition leaves much to be desired, the name “Akala estate” is what the area bears till date.

Property ownership

Akala estate has several gated communities (estates) within the area, each with its own uniqueness. This neighbourhood offers a variety of housing options,with different  type of houses for sale and for rent in Akala estate, Akobo . The cost of rent in Akala estate varies  based on the type of house, condition and exclusivity of the estate the house is located. Generally, a 2/3 bedroom flat in Akala estate Akobo ranges between ₦‎500,000 – ₦‎1,00,000. A duplex ranges between ₦‎1.5million to ₦‎3,000,000 depending on whether it is fully or semi-detached. To buy a house in Akala estate Akobo, you need to have at least ₦‎50 – ₦‎60 million , depending on type of house and size of the land it occupies.Land in this area, ranges between ₦‎15 million to ₦‎40 million depending on the proximity to the entrance of the estate or main road. Most landed properties have already to sold decades ago, what you have now are transfer of ownership between the old owners and new owners.

Akala estate akobo
Hallmark Estate Entrance aka Palace

Security in Akala Estate

Akala estate is relatively peaceful and secure. Each community within the area has its own special security men and women who take shifts 24 hours to secure the community.In some of the communities, you will only be allowed access when the hosts identifies you either on phone or physically.

Kola Lawal Street

Getting around.

To get around the main road from Akala junction to Wofun or Kute , Taxis, Tricycles (marwa) and motorcycles (okada) are allowed. But, they are not not allowed within the estates. If any commercial vehicle will be allowed within the estate, special permission will have to be given by the Chairman of the Landlord association of the estate, this also applies to trucks working on site.

Health care

Generally , there are lots of private hospitals available in  Akobo. The closest health care options to residents of Akala estate are Dorcas specialist hospital located within the estate, the Alegongo primary health care center located close to the Alegongo shopping complex and Omololu hospital a few distance from the main entrance gate along Ojurin road. Others include Bamby, Chrisbo medical center and Akobo hospital within equal distance of each other.

Dorcas specialist Hospital


One of the many advantages of living in Akala Estate Akobo is constant electricity supply. Akala estate is a part of Akobo, so the whole area enjoys the same constant power supply. Although there may be fluctuations from time to time depending on the power source(transformer), 12 – 16 hours (or more) of power is very normal in this area. However, you might also want to add an alternative power source too with either solar power or generator.


For shopping, there’s the Alegongo shopping complex for any of your daily needs, Kute is also nearby to get cheap food items  (although the roads may deter you from going there) and the main Ojurin market is also accessible. There are also supermarkets like resonant , Timmy Tee , Cedar and other small shops within the estate in places where they are allowed. (Oniyeye estate does not allow any form of commercial activity within their estate)

Resonant supermarket & Pharmacy


Cedarville, Top rank intellectual academy, J-Nissi, Rosebud School and Throne of Grace college  are the main schools in the area. There is also the CPS oniyeye community school which is a government owned primary school.

Rosebud Group of Schools

Recreation and entertainment

Akobo generally is filled with many hang out and fun spots. Akala estate isn’t left out too. A few distance from  main gate entrance is the new metro lounge and  Revel club. There’s also the Urban lifestyle lounge beside Oniyeye Estate, Big ocean at Yomi Olantinwo Street and  Providence arena’s lounge behind LOF gas .

The Good , the Bad and Ugly of Akala Estate,Akobo

Living in Akala estate akobo offers a mix of  experiences. It has been well established  that Akala Estate is secure, ‘serene’ and has stable power supply, which all accounts for the good side. The bad, cost of property in this area is a bit on the high side when compared to other areas in Akobo. Lastly, the ugly side. The roads are very terrible. A journey that shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes will end up taking you up to 30 minutes due to the nature of the road.

akala estate akobo

Where to live in Akala Estate ?

Everywhere is generally okay to live as long as you can afford it, almost all the estates offer the same perks and exclusivity. The only thing to consider is the road. Sadly, with all the perks in the neighbourhood, the roads are bad, about 65% of the roads is generally bad an it gets worse during the raining season. The community and even religious houses, make it a duty from time to time to fill up pot holes which gets washed away during the raining season.

To avoid the roads, consider Ayo oluwole street and Olusegun Olayiwola Avenue, which links directly to Omolayo, with that you won’t even drive on bad roads at all. Palace (also know as hallmark estate) also links Ayo oluwole street, Kola Lawal and Kolefunmi are close to the street too.

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