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Ajah is located in  Eti Osa local government area of Lagos.It is fondly revered by many and described as one of the best places to live in Lagos. With over 300,000 people living in Lagos Island, living in Ajah offers a mix of urban and luxury feel for residents in the area. Ajah is a beehive of commercial activities as there are lots of medium and small businesses, restaurants, shops, hotels and fun spots.

With the exorbitant house rents in most parts of Lagos Island, thousands of Lagosians who prefer to live on the Island have made Ajah their new home. The population of people living in Ajah can be a pro or con depending on your perspective. But, there is no doubt about it: Ajah is booming. All thanks to the explosion of “relatively affordable” real estate, industrial activities, restaurant openings and active night life.

Ajah is among a handful of other choice areas like, Ikeja, Victoria Island and Magogo. Are you familiar enough with Ajah to know if it’s the ideal choice for you? We understand that you have so many viable options when it comes to picking where to live, deciding on the best place to live in Lagos can be a real challenge. To help you understand what living in Ajah is truly like, we’re exploring everything you need to know about Ajah before moving here. How easy is it to get accommodation, cost of living, how to get around, where to go for fun and lots more. If you’re considering moving to Ajah, keep reading for the five things you need to know about Ajah.

Things to know about Ajah

Rent in Ajah is not ridiculous
It’s no secret that Lagos Island is home to some of the richest people in the country. Banana Island, Ikoyi , Victoria Island are all on Lagos Island and you’ll have to be super rich to afford property there.  Ajah is a blend of all classes of people; hence there is a wide range of properties that caters to both the upper and middle class. Although, rent and cost of property may not be as cheap as areas on the mainland, there are various options that are relatively affordable.

Traffic is a part of Life in Ajah

This is no news to anyone living in Lagos already. While you hardly get into long traffic jams in cities like lbadan or Abuja, traffic is a normal part of life in Lagos and Ajah is no exception.  One of the biggest cons of living in Ajah is traffic. And this is one of the main reason the Lagos vs Abuja debate as lingered on for so long. Ajah is home to one of the most congested roads in the state. But, since the flyover was commissioned the traffic has reduced to a certain extent.

source: jojonaija.com

Cost of living is tolerable
Cost of living is generally high in Lagos Island. Cost of house daily needs, utilities and transport are on the high side when compared to Lagos mainland. Unlike most parts of the Island, Ajah is cheaper, especially the cost of rent and commute. You don’t have to be a super wealthy to live in Ajah. Here, you have easy access to local markets like the Ajah market, and a better shot at getting items at cheaper prices.

Power supply
Lagos Island may seem like Eldorado, but there’s constant battle with epileptic power supply. Ajah on the other hand has better power supply when compared to other places like Lekki. This will save you some money on fueling your generator.

Mix of the Middle and upper class
Although there are several gated estates and luxurious real estate properties here, Ajah has a mix of the middle class and the upper class unlike other parts of the Island. Here, your neighbour might be colleague who you share the office with or a familiar face in the bank you visit regularly. With this, it’s easier to get along with other residents in the area.  

Ajah is family-oriented
With the cost of housing in Lagos Island, Ajah has been particularly popular with families. You have access to affordable residential property, proximity to local market and pretty good schools for your children. Ajah is a good city those who want to raise their family in a diverse setting. 

Getting Around Ajah

As mentioned earlier, Traffic is a part of life in Ajah just like many other places in Lagos.

How do you move around without facing the stress and traffic jam along the Lekki-Epe Express Road? If you are new in the area, knowing when and how to move will save you lots of stress.  One major cause of the traffic jam is the population of people in the area. This is why going out during peak hours – early hours in the morning and late in the evening – are always stressful. It is not uncommon to spend hours in traffic before getting to your destination.

By Commercial Bus

Commercial buses ply major roads like the Lekki-express road, they are cheap with fixed prices. A typical commercial bus in Ajah conveys about 14 people per trip. For a visitor in the area, your best bet is to listen to the conductor or tell him your destination and constantly remind before you get there.

By Motorcycle

Although commercial motorcycles popularly called okada is banned from major highways in Lagos, It’s still a popular means of getting around in Ajah, especially if you need to get to a place urgently.

Note: they may be quite expensive when compared to commercial buses.

By Tricycle

Tricycles popularly known as Keke Napep or Marwa are one of the most popular means of transportation in Lagos. Marwas are fast gaining popularity because most of the Okada riders switched to tricycles when the Lagos state government banned okadas from the highways. Marwas tend to be cheaper and safer when compared to Okada.

source: wikipedia.org

Your best alternative to the three above is to take ride hailing app like taxify.

Popular Places in Ajah

Speaking of places to live, there are dozens of great neighborhoods in Ajah, but here are some that really stand out.


Badore is a popular neighbourhood in Ajah. Like most parts of the Island, it has tarred roads, drainage channels and direct access to the Lagoon. Badore has a ferry jetty that shuttles Ikorodu and other parts of the Island. Amenities located nearby include Nipost, Badore General Hospital, Badore market, fuel stations and the ferry jetty.Power supply is excellent in this area, as most parts enjoy regular power supply. Popular estates in Badore include  Vina Estate, Commonwealth Estate, Rockstone Ville Estate, Seaside Estate, Platinum Estate, Allied Gardens Estate, Peaceville Estate, Dockville Estate, Royal Palm Estate.


Langasa is another popular area in Ajah. It is a few distance from Badore and it links other parts of the community together. The area has a higher number of low-income earners and is usually busy due to commercial activities in the area. Amenities located in the area includes schools and the Langbasa Police Station.


Sangotego is another popular area in Ajah, located further down the Lekki corridor. The famous Pan-Atlantic University’s Lagos Business School is situated in Sangotedo, as is the Lekki Novare Mall, which is by far the largest mall in Lagos. There is also a large open-air local market where you can get food items for cheap.You can still get land for sale in Sangotedo or any type of property you want in the area.


Located down the Lekki expressway, Many Lagos Island residents consider Awoyaya to be a bit too far from the heart of the Island. Awoyaya is nearly 39km down the Lekki expressway. It is usually a big hassle for most people who make daily commute from Vitoria Island to Awoyaya, this is why the area is usually much preferred by entrepreneurs and people with remote jobs. Amenities In the area includes general hospital, schools and retail outlets.

Abraham Adesanya

Abraham Adesanya estate is located off the Lekki – Epe expressway. It is an estimated 30 minute drive to Victoria Island without the usual traffic jam. The estate was developed by the Lagos state government as a low-cost housing scheme in the early 2000s through the Ministry of Housing and sold off to individuals. Majority of the residents in Abraham Adesanya are middle income earners who want cheaper alternative to the more expensive neighbourhoods in Lekki.

source: wikipedia.org

Fun things to do in ajah

Looking for something to keep the whole family occupied on a weekend? Or maybe you’re looking for a clever place to take your date? Either way, there’s no shortage of fun things to do in Ajah. Ajah is full of exciting, noteworthy attractions, restaurants, malls, parks and more

Here’s a list of our favourite ways to experience a slice of Ajah living (in no particular order). 

  1. Get on a boat ride at the Badore Ferry Terminal
  2. Play football at the Miami football pitch
  3. Go shopping at the Novare mall and Blenco supermarket
  4. Visit the Lagos Business school.
  5. Take evening walks and enjoy the ocean views
  6. Take a bite from any of the nice restaurants around: mega chicken, spice bowl, bukka hut, sparkle and berries and lots more
  7. Visit the omu resort and enjoy the fun activities like minigolf, go-kart, horse riding and more

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