Ajah – Neighbourhood Guide

Ajah neighbourhood guide

Ajah is located in  Eti Osa local government area of Lagos.It is fondly revered by many and described as one of the best places to live in Lagos. With over 300,000 people living in Lagos Island, living in Ajah offers a mix of urban and luxury feel for residents in the area. Ajah is a beehive of commercial … Read more

How to Buy Land in Lagos with Confidence

how to buy land in Lagos

With the reputation and the economic impact of Lagos , it is no surprise that millions of Individuals around Nigeria would want to own property in Lagos. From the mainland to the Island, people are contantly looking to buy or build in the state. Buying property in a city like Lagos can be a bit of a problem especially landed property. You have … Read more

7 Best Places to Live in Lagos (if You Work  on The Island)

relocating to Lagos

With the current unemployment rate predicted to reach to 41% by the end of 2023, It’s no surprise that many Nigerians are doing all they can to keep their jobs, even if it means commuting long distances daily.While many Nigerians are resorting to remote jobs, entrepreneurship and other means of livelihood, millions are still working … Read more

8 Proven Methods to Save Cost on Your Building Project

Starting a building project comes with lots of expenses. Some generally are  planned expenses while a lot of the expenses may be unplanned. However, there are strategic measures you can implement to reduce costs without compromising on quality or design. In this guide, we will walk through proven and practical ways to save money on material building materials, make informed decisions … Read more