Lagos or Abuja: Which is Better to Live in?

lagos vs abuja

While this has been an on-going debate for years, the questions still persist till date. Which is better Lagos or Abuja ?  Which is a better place to live in? Is Abuja safer than Lagos? It is like the age long Messi/Ronaldo, Pele/Maradona or more recently Mbappe/Halaand debate. There are stats to prove which one is better … Read more

7 Things to Know Before Relocating to Abuja

Thinking of relocating to Abuja ?  With Abuja steadily becoming the most sought after city in Nigeria next to Lagos, it is estimated that about 100 new people move into Abuja every day. While everyone is talking about Abuja, it is easy to get caught up in the euphoria without having the right information before moving to Abuja. … Read more