12 Best Areas to Live in Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt, the fifth largest city in Nigeria and home to a number of celebrities, religious leaders, politicians and affluent Nigerians. In this oil rich city, you’ll find the high income earners, the middle class and those with lower income. However, knowing the history of a city and its areas is necessary if you intend to live there. In this article, you’ll learn about the best areas to live in Port Harcourt so you can choose which is best for you.

The major criteria when choosing a place to live are; social amenities, security and cost of property (rent/purchase)

Best areas to live in Port Harcourt

  • Old  GRA
  • New GRA
  • Peter Odili Road
  • Amadi Flat& Forces Avenue
  • Woji Estate
  • Akpajo
  • Elekahia Housing Estate
  • Olive Crest Estate
  • Marine Base
  • Tank Elimbu
  • Oyigbo
  • Eagle Island


There’s a reason old GRA ranks fist on this list. Old GRA is one of the most popular and exclusive areas in Port Harcourt. During the old colonial era, the Old GRA served as residence for the Europeans and colonial masters. Now, the area is home to a number of government and federal agency buildings and was formerly reserved for senior government officials only. In recent times, the rules have changed. Ordinary individuals who can afford to rent or own property here are allowed to live here.

Old GRA is a highly secured area with beautiful architecture, with basic social amenities like good roads and electricity. Price of properties in this area tend to be very high, owing to the presence of politicians and affluent Nigerians owning properties here.

New GRA  

New GRA is regarded as one of the best areas to live in Port Harcourt by many owing to a number of factors. The area is well planned in a safe and serene environment with essential social amenities.

The only downside to this area is that it is well known for night life and fun activities. For someone who isn’t really into that kind of lifestyle, this may be the wrong area for you. However, if what you want somewhere safe, serene and fun at the same time, New GRA is the best place for you.

The area is divided into five phases allowing you to choose an area that suits you. It has a large cluster of well-known bars, hotels and nightclubs.  Just like the Old GRA, New GRA has some of the most expensive and luxurious properties in the city of Port Harcourt. This is one of the reasons why New GRA is a top destination of residence for the crème de la crème of the city. One of the notable residents of this area is the former first lady of Nigeria, Dame Patience Jonathan.

Peter Odili Road

Named after a former Governor of the state, the area is no doubt one of the best residential areas to live in Port-Harcourt. Peter Odili road is located miles away from the center of the city.It has guaranteed security, good road networks and other basic and social amenities. It is a perfect blend of the middle class and the upper class of the city.

The area has a number of notable restaurants hotels and businesses adjacent to the popular Trans-Amadi the industrial hub. Some of the finest estates in the city of Port Harcourt are also located here.Like many others on this list, it has moderately priced properties for the middle income earners and luxurious properties for those who can afford them. 

Amadi Flat  & Forces Avenue

Amadi flat and forces avenue are situated on the same lane and are the center of greenery. What makes these areas one of the the best areas to live in Port Harcourt is the guaranteed security in the area. This can be attributed to the presence of the Rivers State government house, Police headquarters, Economic and financial crimes commission (EFCC) building and Department of state services (DSS) buildings. With this , you can expect the cost of properties in this area to be on the high side.

Woji Estate

Woji Estate is a beautiful neighbourhood that borders Trans-Amadi, Rumurolu, Rumuomasi, and Rumuibekwe area. 

Woji makes it to this list because of its functional road network, security and constant power supply. Renting property in this area is relatively affordable, depending on your budget. A two-bedroom flat in Woji Estate can cost between 500 thousand Naira to 600 thousand naira while properties for sale can go as high as 75 million naira depending on the type of house and number of rooms.

Side note, landlords in the area increase rent according to the increment in power supply time.


This area is perfect for anyone who works in onne or does does business around this area as Port Harcourt refinery, Indorama and the seaport are located in Akpajo.

Side note: you’ll have to wake up very early to beat the traffic jam in the area.

Elekahia Housing Estate

This area is clustered with old buildings where everyone minds their own business. While this area is listed as one of the best areas to live in Port Harcourt, there are other parts of the estate where thugs patrol at night. So it is highly recommended that you do your own research or speak with your agent while renting or buying property in this area.

elekahia housing estate

Olive Crest Estate

Olive Crest Estate is an ultra-modern estate seated which comprises of residential buildings, sites and services for residential and commercial plots. It is located at the central business district of Port-Harcourt city. Infrastructures in this estate include:  24-hour power supply, storm water drainage, industrial water treatment plant, recreational areas and club house and manned police post.

For the frequent traveller , Olive Crest Estate is about 15 mins drive from the airport. If you are someone that travels a lot, you should consider renting or buying a home in this residential area. 

Marine Base

Marine base used to be a dangerous area to live until the Niger Delta development commission (NDDC) headquarters was sited here. The area enjoys regular power supply; all you have to do is stay off the waterside area.

Tank Elimbu

Tank Elimbu is close to the Port Harcourt oil mill market .The area is a beehive of activities with heavy traffic jams on most days of the week. Houses in this area are affordable and won’t leave a dent in your pocket. But, the only downside is the traffic jam with lots of heavy duty trucks.


This area is experiencing rapid development as many individuals and real estate companies have started acquiring lands and erecting buildings around the area. Oyigbo is a nice area to reside, especially if you are into any business that requires going to Aba.

Eagle Island

Eagle Island is a small community located in between the Diobu River and the Mgbuodohia/Agip River. The area is serene with lots of beautiful residential buildings overlooking the Sea Side. It is also close to the Nigerian Agip Oil Company and Port Harcourt electronics Village (Illaobuchi). For  people who have a thing for Islands, this is your place.

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