Oba Elegushi Palace

The new Oba Elegushi Palace, is a beautiful architectural masterpiece with striking elegance in the ancient city of Ikate.

Brief history of Oba Elegushi Palace

When Oba Yekini Elegushi ascended the throne of his fore fathers as the 20th Elegushi of Ikateland in June 1991, the old palace was not in a befitting state for a new king.
Quick action was taken immediately to enhance the structure and make it a good fit for royalty.

The new Elegushi had long term plan of his own to erect a palace structure suitable for the new status of Eti-Osa. Over the years, Eti- Osa has gained recognition from the government as a development area and it’s evident in the real estate scene in the area.

The remodeled old palace was furnished with all modern conveniences, but still carries the air of rural palace, though set on an expansive land. Oba Elegushi made up his mind to change the image of Eti-osa’s rural royalty by establishing a new private palace to boost the architectural landscape of Ikate.

The Oba Elegushi’s new palace is, without any doubt, the most spectacular royal palace in Eti-Osa, and also without doubt, in  the entire Lagos State or anywhere in Yorubaland. 

Size of the Oba Elegushi Palace

The palace sits majestically on an area of about five square hectares of Land, with towering perimeter fence of about 15 to 20 feet – all painted in the traditional white colour.

Features of Oba Elegushi Palace

This magnificent palace building sits in the central position of the massive palace Compound. It has about a dozen guest houses erected on the southern part of the palace complex. while the main palace itself is a two-storey building. On the ground floor, there are: two massive visitors waiting rooms and a huge reception hall, with ultra-modern  furnishings, a massive dining room and two office units to house the Oba and his secretary with inter-connecting doors.

The first floor houses a gigantic reception hall equipped with massive television set and contemporary upholstery for important personalities and special guests. The living rooms can be  found on the upper floor .

There are two hidden staircase entrances at both ends of the palace building. As one would expect, floor of the entire building is paved with marble stones, while the entire building is centrally air-conditioned.
There’s no power failure in Oba Elegushi’s palace. The palace gets 24-hours electricity supply both from the mains and generator which is automatically triggered into action-whenever power supply fails.

The Oba of Elegushi  has indeed set a new standard in palace building and in Nigeria real estate , with a structure befitting a state governor and even head of state. The palace has welcomed many notable dignitaries in Nigeria.

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