How to evict a tenant in Nigeria Real Estate Advice

How to evict a Tenant in Nigeria – in 4 Easy Steps

Evicting a tenant in Nigeria can be quite challenging and overwhelming for many landlords and agents. Sometimes, they may feel tempted to use… Continue Reading
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Understanding Land Tenure in Nigeria

In Nigeria, You can own land through a set of laws that regulate the use, management, and transfer of land.These… Continue Reading
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Settling in the Ancient City: A Guide to Relocating to Ibadan

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Navigating Nigeria’s Property Jungle:How Real Estate Agents Make the Difference

Real estate agents play a vital role in the Nigerian property market, but unfortunately, they are often not appreciated and misunderstood.… Continue Reading
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Navigating the Omo Onile Issue: 4 Effective Strategies for Land Buyers

Omo onile is a popular term across south western Nigeria especially for land owners in Lagos. The love-hate relationship between the land grabbers… Continue Reading