relocating to Lagos Real Estate Advice

10 Things to Know Before Relocating to Lagos

Relocating to Lagos is a thought that has likely crossed the minds of many Nigerians at some point. Especially, people… Continue Reading

Corruption and Neglect: The Plight of Abandoned Projects in Nigeria

It is estimated that there are over 56,000 abandoned projects in Nigeria. According to a research, Since 1960, two-thirds of very large… Continue Reading
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Redefining Infrastructure: Exploring Nigeria’s Top Construction Companies

As a country known for its diverse culture and rich resources, Nigeria has witnessed remarkable growth and transformation over the… Continue Reading

Ibeju Lekki: The New Lagos

Ibeju Lekki is arguably one of the most talked about real estate destinations in Lagos. With major infrastructural projects such as… Continue Reading
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Pros and Cons: Buying or Building Your Home in Nigeria

One of the ultimate goals of every living human is to own a home, either by building from scratch or… Continue Reading
042 enugu Neighborhoods

O42: a name, a movement or a city ?

I’ve been a fan of phyno for some years now and I really enjoy his music quite well. Despite the… Continue Reading
Landlord rights in Nigeria Real Estate Advice

Understanding Landlord rights in Nigeria

In Nigeria, many landlords are totally ignorant of their rights. Except you run a charity home, having a tenant occupy your… Continue Reading
Real Estate Advice

Understanding The Nigerian Tenancy Law as a Tenant

Renting a property in Nigeria is no easy feat, especially for new renters. There’s the agent aspect You have to… Continue Reading
Nigerian tenancy agreement Real Estate Advice

Understanding Your Rights: A Detailed Look at Tenancy Agreements

The Nigerian tenancy law allows the tenant a tenancy agreement in  either written or oral  form. While  both forms are… Continue Reading
quit notice Real Estate Advice

Quit Notice in Nigeria: Common Questions and Answers for Tenants and Landlords

Quit notice or notice to quit, one of the most common terms in the Nigerian real estate space is issued… Continue Reading